How can a man satisfy a Woman

Every men does ask himself how to satisfy a woman? I am also curious, well I know the only way to learn is by reading online or on books or someone telling you. Or a lady telling us right? How can a man satisfy a Woman? So i ask you the people out there specially the woman. Please tell us here how you are satisfied? what dirty secrets you use? what you like to use or how you liked to be handled? We are curious minds, we want to know. I know some girls like toys rather than men? is that real? would you prefer a sex toy rather than your male partner? I have seen that some toys make you wet and make you moan louder than a man? I know some girls rather like women instead? so a girl with a girl? why do you prefer a girl over a men?  I know that pleasing a girl can be hard work and sometimes impossible if you have no idea how to please a girl.

Please also share what you like to be done to you so you can be aroused and climax. I know some girls like anal sex. Does it help you get to that point where you have an orgasm? or maybe you have never tried it but you are curious and want to try it? I know some girls will never try it, but some men would like to try it with you, so why not ask and try it with your partner so you both are happy? Some men would like to try it with a female only, some have other choices. I know we are all different, some girls like to get licked and pussy sucked, yes I know, Some girls liked to be tied up bondage and others like to squirt and others do fisting of pussy and even anal. I think sexually today has gone a long way, some girls liked to be watched like online cams. Yes if you like to be on cam nude and masturbating go to our webcam section on register for a model account and start your cams.

If you are a woman and do know how to get to climax orgasm please share with us here, let us know how you can get to a orgasm. I know that the g spot is where everything happens; but how can we achieve it? That is the question! There are lots of men out there that would pay to know how to make a girl cum and give her a nice orgasm that she will not forget. Men would also like to know how to pick up a girl or get her in bed? Yes men are interested in knowing all the secrets of a woman?

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